Healthy Food? Healthy Business!

Let’s face it, summer usually gets the ball rolling for consumers to eat a little healthier; well to try at least. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean consumers want to dive right into heavy eating, especially with holidays approaching, and we all know how food is an important part of the holiday season.

Did you know more than 7 out of 10 adults are actually making sure they eat healthy on a regular basis? Sixty-four percent of consumers today agree that it is important to eat healthy and pay attention to nutrition. That is a whopping fifty-seven percent increase since 2010!

Many chefs are revamping their menus, healthy is in and smart chefs know it! They are using fresher ingredients and different spices to extract more flavor. They are lowering sodium, fat and calories for healthier menu items and consumers are really taking notice, too. Think outside the box, there are so many things already on your menu that can be changed to healthier alternatives. We’re not talking about expensive items either, these items are low-cost staples that many consumers love . How about plant-based Italian hoagies or pizzas topped with fresh fruit, like strawberries or pineapple? There are tons of ideas you can come up with on your own, and we all know you will find endless ideas on the internet.

You would assume that when people decide to go out for dinner, they think of that 12-ounce juicy burger with hand cut fries, complete with an appetizer of chicken wings. However,  a recent study  shows that nearly half of all consumers would like restaurants to offer more healthy foods, and 100 percent said they would return more often if these menu items are offered. Even if the consumer does not choose to order a healthy item at that time of their visit, 38 percent of consumers (which is a 33 percent increase since 2010) said that they are more likely to choose a restaurant that has healthy menu options when deciding on where to eat.

Promoting healthy additions to your menu would be one of the most important aspects in revamping your menu! You don’t have to dive right in; if you want to just get your toes wet, try out a weekly or daily special to experiment with healthy menu options. This will help you see what your consumers are attracted to most.

How will consumers know about your new additions? Posting a chalkboard outside the restaurant with these new items, or running an ad, even just posting on social media will get their attention. New consumers and walk-ins are not always that easy to get in the door, so adding healthy items to your menu is a great way to build a new following. And, gaining new consumers is always a good thing!

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