I0S Exclusive App Just for Food…

Wine N’ Dine is a new i0s exclusive in the App store.  Though it was released a few months ago, major improvements were made to the app as of October 5th, 2016. This app uses your location to show you images of dishes from restaurants near you.  It is not your regular photo app, this app is for photos of your meals only.

The user has the option to upload a photo by taking a picture on the spot or accessing the photo library on their phone to select a photo they took in the past.  Then they enter the restaurant’s name, the dish or drink name, write a comment and rate from avoid – amazing.  Since it was released, the app already includes 70,000 restaurants and is being used in more than 6,000 cities.  When uploading a photo, if the restaurant is not already on the app, the user can add the restaurant themselves.

People eat with their eyes first.  The creators seemed to have hit the jackpot with this app.  It is a great way for local restaurants to constantly stay in touch with their customers.  It’s an Instagram just for food!  Users are able to see restaurants near them by using a map.  The user can select which restaurant they would like to go to and that restaurant’s profile will be displayed.  The profile includes directions, reviews, photos, and comments.

The user viewing the photo can ‘Like’ the photo or select an emoji provided, just like Facebook and Instagram.  Wine N’ Dine differs because there is a ‘wanna try’ option for each user.   ‘Wanna try’ is like a wish-list of restaurants you want to try in one place.  Pretty neat, right?

Make sure to get your restaurant listed on here.  It is a great way for customers to be constantly reminded of you.  Once your page is created, promote it! Bring the new app to light.  Send emails, and make sure to promote the app within your business.  Customers love rewards, you can reward customers for joining Wine N’ Dine, checking in and by posting a photo of your food during their visit.

Wine N’ Dine is free and fun to use! Download the I0S exclusive app today in your app store.

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