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Spring Cleaning: How to Run Your Business More Efficiently

March on Long Island this year came in like a lion. But as the spring softens, sunny skies and high temperatures will pull customers out of their wintry blues and into shops, restaurants and destinations. Now’s the time to take a critical look at the way your business is run, and how to tailor your marketing plan to accomplish your goals. Give your company’s marketing strategy a makeover that will renew it with simplicity, efficiency, and freshness.

Be responsive to customer concerns

One area where restaurants and destinations often miss the mark is understanding and responding to customer concerns. Online reviews, as of 2017, influenced 97 percent of all consumers in their decision to visit local businesses, according to BrightLocal search agency’s Consumer Survey. Thoroughly reading and personally responding to reviews is more important than ever, with 30 percent of consumers naming this as key when judging local businesses.

Though you should respond to concerns in a professional and consistent tone, cookie-cutter responses will not make the grade. Customers who leave reviews want to be heard. Be sure to acknowledge the customer’s specific concern, pledge to ameliorate the situation, and offer something as a form of unspoken apology. Then address the issue, whether it be with staff, product, store or restaurant appearance, or something else.

Advertise and upsell

Your highest-priced items exist at the top because they are high quality. Don’t be afraid to show off your high-end wines or expensive entrées, where the return-on-investment might be greatest.

Your company’s most popular items are another great untapped resource. Products or services consistently chosen by consumers, such as a group party package, offer something of great value to your target audience, and it’s okay to utilize that. Upselling encourages those about to make a purchase, or who have purchased in the past, to take advantage of sales and specials and to continue their loyalty to your brand. Use a mixture of digital and traditional advertisements to highlight these items or services for the best prospect of success.

Incorporate digital advertising into your marketing plan

As mentioned above, a seamless blend of print, television or radio, and digital or social media, advertising can garner the best results for your goals. Some businesses want to build brand awareness; others want to generate immediate sales; others still want to capture potential leads.

Don’t waste time, energy and finances in a plan that isn’t working for you. Our marketing strategies are informed, based on experience, and specific to your goals. To learn more, contact the social media and marketing experts at Dining Out Marketing Group. Email us at or call us at (1-855-7764-123).

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