How to Market your Business During the Off Season

We all know just how important implementing a marketing strategy is for a business to be successful. Businesses are constantly doing whatever it takes to get their name out to the public through multiple facets of advertising. It’s safe to say that promoting your business is crucial, but when should you put a little extra effort into your marketing strategies?

While some businesses advertise year-round, the off season is when it becomes a little more difficult to gain consumer interest. During these unfortunate lulls in business, there are a few tactics to promote your business and gain new customers.

One thing to do is always stay focused on your customers. This can be accomplished through email updates, sending fliers and connecting on social media. Sending emails to contacts regarding any company information or updates will help keep your business top of mind throughout the months. Always keep a list of your company’s email and mail subscribers in order to stay in touch with information regarding deals, new additions to menus or brochures or events that may be held in the upcoming future. The name of the game is to keep your name out there and stay active with your subscribers.

Another useful tool is having a current website that is always being worked on and updated. Your website should be interesting and should follow whatever motif you choose to go for. Companies with signature colors, fonts or taglines are more likely to attract people. So, if your company doesn’t have an updated, current website or blog, use the off season to work on it. For example, writing blog posts and newsletters can not only inform consumers but make them aware as to what your company represents.

Social media is necessary to expand your business in this digital era. Try taking this time to make your company’s social media accounts informative and current by staying on trends, hashtags and memes. Knowing the vast world of social media and incorporating current events/trends can help to stay relevant. Having social media accounts makes it easy to connect with potential customers or other businesses with the click of a button. It also can give you ideas for your own business as well as staying on top of your competitors.

The off season is a good idea to offer deals, promotions or discounts to consumers. You can promote deals, updates and events through a creation of a social media post. Once you gain followers or subscribers on all social media platforms, it is time to expand your audience while keeping current followers updated. Updating your page with pictures, videos or flyers can be effective to your more social media active customers. Also, getting your staff to share your business’s posts on to their social media is sure to gain attention from even more potential customers.

These are just a few steps you can take to ensure a healthy future for your business. You should always have a plan on how to optimize growth for your company no matter what. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques when it comes to promoting or advertising. The time and effort you put in now will help your business perform better during the off season.

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Using E-Blasts to Promote Your Business

Send e-blasts regarding events and specials to market your company and gain visibility.

E-blasts are great marketing tools that can help get the word out about your business’ upcoming events, specials, discounts, or company news. They can also be used to send greetings to your customer and prospective customer databases. For instance, for holidays, you can use an e-blast to send special offers and holiday greetings.

How to Design an E-Blast

Depending on the content of your e-blast, you need to work to create a design that highlights the main purpose of the blast. For example, if the purpose of the e-blast is to inform customers about an upcoming event or discount, be sure to display that information directly at the top. This way, it is the first aspect of the email people see and read.

Check out these e-blasts we’ve created for some of our clients recently:

For e-blasts that serve as holiday greetings, they can be a little more informal and fun. One great thing about sending holiday greetings is that it promotes your business without directly talking about your business. Therefore, customers won’t view the email as a promotion (even though it works in a similar way). It also reminds customers of your business during the holiday season and might increase your sales. When appropriate, include a special offer as part of your greeting.

How to Send E-Blasts

To send an e-blast to a wide range of customers and clients, it would be beneficial to use a service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. These allow you to send emails to a large database of email addresses at one time. You can even separate your customers into different lists such as current customers and prospective customers. With these lists, you could send an email regarding a discount for first-time customers to only the prospective customer list. Another email describing a deal specifically for current customers can be sent to that respective list.

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