Free Marketing Resources for New York Metro Area Restaurants and Tourist Destinations

Free Download: Marketing a Restaurant

It is essential for restaurants to market themselves effectively in order to create buzz, stand out from competition and ultimately attract customers. This article will outline the steps you need to take to develop a multi-faceted marketing plan for your restaurant. To help maximize your restaurant’s success, this article will help you define your restaurant, know your guests, conduct strategic planning and research, develop your website, enhance your SEO, develop a social media presence, and strengthen your restaurant’s public relations, marketing and advertising strategies.

Free Download: Expert Guide: Restaurant Social Media

This quick guide goes beyond the mechanics of social media and gives you tactics that you can put into action to fill seats, generate revenue, and make social media a part of the dining experience.

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A concise and comprehensive overview of the marketing tools that any business or organization can benefit from. The e-book features chapters on developing the right marketing plan for your business, Web marketing, social media and advertising. It strikes a balance between newer inbound marketing approaches and traditional marketing techniques.

Free Download: Using Social Media and Web Marketing to Build Your Business

Web and social media websites have become increasingly important to marketing a business successfully. The rise of countless Web and social media tools has given marketers new, cost-effective ways to communicate with customers and prospects. The goal of your organization’s Web presence should be to maintain good relations with customers and also to drive targeted visitors to your website and convert them into customers.