LL Dent Offers New Southern Menu Items

CARLE PLACE, N.Y. — LL Dent Restaurant is serving up new home-style appetizers, salads, entrées and sides with a unique Southern flair at its Carle Place restaurant, located at 221 Old Country Road.

New to the table are the mouthwatering appetizers Grits and Liver, served with hot onion gravy, and Crunchy Spicy Chicken Wings, buffalo-style jumbo chicken wings and celery served with bleu cheese or ranch dressing. Soon to be favorites among the foodies are the LL Dent Kale and Quinoa Soup, a vegan option; the Blackened Chicken Salad, served over greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and cornbread croutons; and the Sunday Go-To Meeting Tuna, served with sweet pickle relish, onions, eggs, celery and mayonnaise over field greens with tomatoes, cucumbers and LL Dent crackers.

LL Dent is also offering brand new entrées, like Oven Roasted Turkey Wings smothered in herb gravy, Fried Chicken Livers served with onion gravy, Omelets and Grilled BBQ Colossal Shrimp. All options can be served with sides of Hot Medley Vegetable and Quinoa and Sweet Potato Waffles. For dessert, guests can enjoy the decadent Seven Up Pound Cake or indulge in a Chocolate Martini.

“We are very proud to be offering these delicious new items to our customers,” said Lillian Dent, Co-Owner, LL Dent. “Our expanded menu gives them an opportunity to try old Southern favorites with a modern twist. We’re excited to see what everyone thinks. ”

For more information, contact LL Dent at (516) 742-0940 or visit www.lldent.com.