Rest – Check, Fluids – Check, Ben’s Chicken in a Pot – Check!

Dr. Harvey Passes Prescribes Ben’s Kosher Deli’s Famous Soup to all Oral Surgery Patients

[Great Neck, New York] – Anyone who has experienced oral surgery – be it wisdom tooth removal or a root canal – can recall the post-operative pain they’ve endured. For patients of Passes Dental Care in Great Neck, New York, the prescription for recovery includes Ben’s Chicken in a Pot, from Ben’s Kosher Deli. The practice has been serving up this solution for more than 15 years after its Owner and Chief Dentist Harvey Passes had a serendipitous week that included a passed out post-op patient and dinner with his family at Ben’s in Wheatley Plaza.

The story begins with Dr. Passes visiting the restaurant. He had selected Ben’s Chicken in a Pot as his entrée for the evening, a choice that was “tasty and plentiful enough to take home for another meal the next day.” This famous Ben’s dish has been described by food critics as “an epic mélange” of half a fall-off-the-bone chicken with one matzo ball, kreplach, noodles, peas and carrots.

Later that same week, Dr. Passes performed a tooth extraction on a patient. Though she was nurse, and therefore a medical professional herself, he provided her with the same instructions as every other patient – plenty of food and fluids in order to avoid dehydration, brought on from the rapid bloodloss during surgery and the need to urinate post-operatively.

Unfortunately, this patient did not heed his warning. When Dr. Passes called the nurse later that evening to inquire about her condition – as he does with every patient – he learned that she’d passed out from dehydration and EMTs were in her home, tending to her. This resulted in a hospital trip and an IV drip to increase her fluid levels. “The problem with oral surgery is that people lose their appetite and just want to sleep,” explains Dr. Passes.

Dr. Passes quickly thought of his Ben’s Chicken in a Pot meal. “I thought that the entrée so very tasty, filling  and soft enough to be easily consumed by oral surgery patients that it might just hit the spot,” he continues. “And I was right. Somehow, it activates taste buds and stimulates people’s desire to eat.”

So, for more than 15 years now, “I have been advising my oral surgery patients to consume it in order for them to avoid dehydration and fever. I’ve been told that the deli counter people are very impressed when my patients present their prescriptions for Chicken in a Pot. The Ben’s employees are all very accommodating and tell my patients to ‘please take a seat,’ that they will bring them the order and subsequently ask ‘can we do anything for you?’ My patients still talk about their prescrptions even years after their procedures.”

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