The Zoo is Closed for the Winter: Bring the Zoo to You!

[MANORVILLE, NEW YORK] –– The Long Island Game Farm – Wildlife Park and Children’s Zoo is closed for the winter. But, just in time for the holiday gift-giving spirit, the Game Farm is bringing a Mobile Petting Zoo right to your door!

For the little animal lovers in your life, the mobile zoo is a great way to bring a bit of sunshine into those gray winter skies for the holidays. What better gift is there than a close encounter with animals that cannot be found in your backyard? The zoo features animals such as, Suzie the Wallaby, Barney the Prairie Dog, Gabriella the Giant Flemish Rabbit, Speedy the Sulcata Tortoise and more!

Worried about the weather being too cold? Don’t worry! The zoo can be set up at any type of venue, indoors or outdoors, including homes, schools, libraries and religious centers. The indoor setup is assembled on a tarp, which the Game Farm will set up and clear at the end. For outdoor parties, the petting zoo can be set up under a tent.

How does the zoo work? The Mobile Petting Zoo includes a 12-by-12-foot pen, where the animals will be set up. A smaller pen with a bench will also be constructed, as a space where the kids will get a special one-on-one animal encounter. The children may have a choice to meet one or more of the animals mentioned above, depending on group size and allowance of time.

“We are super-excited to be bringing the mobile zoo back this year!” says Melinda Novak, Vice President/Co-Owner, Long Island Game Farm. “The end of the season is always sad, but with the Mobile Zoo option, the fun doesn’t have to totally end. Plus, this is the perfect activity for a winter birthday party – the kids love having one-on-one time with the animals!”

Pricing for the Mobile Zoo starts at $425 an hour, depending on the parties’ needs. Travel fees will apply, depending on traffic and distance.

To get started, interested parties can fill out the reservation form on Long Island Game Farm’s website, or they can call the park at 631-878-6644. Office hours are every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Happy holidays to you and your families, from The Long Island Game Farm!

The Mobile Zoo is USDA and NYSDEC inspected and approved.

For more information on the Long Island Game Farm’s Mobile Zoo, visit


The Long Island Game Farm was founded in 1970 by Stanley and Diane Novak and is located on 25 acres of land in Manorville. The Park has grown over the years and has served as a frequent destination of school children that have grown up on Long Island. Each year, thousands of guests visit the park.