Branding & Logos: Do They Matter?

When is comes to promoting your business, how much do branding and logos affect the outcome of your marketing plan?

What is a logo?

First impressions are important when promoting your business. Logos are the first aspect of a company a potential customer or client sees. They often tell the customer who the company and its employees are, what the company stands for, and give the proposition of future brand recognition.

When you present your company, product, firm, or overall business to audiences, you want to attract your target audience, right? Well, if you’re the owner of a Mexican restaurant with the best tacos in town, you would not include chopsticks in your logo. That would just confuse everybody into thinkng your restaurant style is Mexican-Asian Fusion – which wouldn’t be so bad if you sell Wonton Chicken Tacos. Either way, instead of the chopsticks, you would most likely opt for an image of a taco to be included in the logo and other branding materials.

A logo is like a giant billboard ad for your company but smaller in size and easy for customers and clients to remember. In short, a logo is essential when marketing your company.

What is the definition of a brand and how does it correlate with your logo?

The word “brand” is defined by The Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “a class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer; a tool used to produce a brand.” Think about it this way, when you picture two large yellow arches in the shape of an ‘M’ you most likely picture McDonald’s. But if we take away that logo and you hear the melody of “ba da ba ba ba” or read the motto “I’m lovin’ it” you will still think of McDonald’s. Don’t forget about the shape of the Happy Meal containers, the text on the burger wrappers and cups – they’re all pieces of McDonald’s brand.

The difference between a logo and a brand is that the logo is part of the overall brand. Brand development is necessary for a company to thrive so that customers or clients are aware of the company’s values, products, and services.

What are the qualities of a good logo?

It is important to take time creating your company logo. Design, font and even colors can influence the way a person perceives a business. Colors can make people feel certain ways. For example, yellow represents happiness and joy. Seeing this color can influence people to feel joy, energetic, and fresh. This could be a contributing factor to the amount of people dining under those aforementioned yellow arches of McDonald’s.

Other important factors of a logo are the incorporated text. What should your logo say? Should it even have text? All these factors are dependent upon your company and its services or products. Ask yourself, what do my customers need to know about my company? How can we showcase this in the logo?

Make sure your logo is easy for people to remember. You don’t want to have crazy patterns or 15 plus colors to create a busy design, rendering it difficult for people to look at, let alone remember. Unique, simple, and stream-lined designs are the way to go.

Since logos are the face of your brand, you should consider hiring a graphic designer. Here at PRMG, we specialize in creating logos as well as other branding materials such as menus, brochures, signage, and more.

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